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Question #474

A long long time ago, before the world of TCP/IP , or even the Ethernet, there existed Videotex. Wikipedia classifies it as an “end-user information system”. Although, in reality, it seems like an ugly child between the internet and the television.

Videotex involved text being sent over copper for display on television sets (and in some cases, telephones). Simple operations, such as a telephone directory lookup, were to be done using the service. The first envisioned Videotex service, was that of BBC, where they wished to generalize the idea of sending closed captioning information.

Videotex never really took off, except in France. This was implemented in a system known as Y. In fact, before the arrival of the Internet, nearly one million citizens of France were already on Y. Y offered services such as directory lookups, restaurant reservations, and even make online purchases. Y was retired only last month (due to plummeting sales, of course). Y = ?

Edit : In case you wonder why it died, screenshot shown below :

Question #474

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July 26, 2012 at 7:59 am

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